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  1. I thought I was all alone in the “new age” of Project and Program Management. Thank you sincerely for the refreshing insight. After spending more than 20 years in the Corporate arena, and now almost 5 years on my own as a Consultant, I can’t help but wonder why there is seemingly such a desire to recreate the wheel of good fundamental management principles. While it is indeed true that change is inevitable, and that new technologies/methodologies SHOULD introduce efficiencies, what seems to become more true is that businesses and business systems are becoming significantly more inefficient and laden with waste and defects. Instead of focusing on the right strategies to deliver value, I continue to witness people AND organizations focus on the lexicon of PMI terms and the implementation of the latest PMI “philosophy ” (e.g. Agile), at the expense of results. What’s more interesting, is the number of job descriptions I have read that require Agile experience in industries that should almost NEVER consider an Agile model (after all, it may be difficult to introduce a 10-day sprint on an initiative that has a design life of 50 years with a reliability target of 95%…if your requirements are not fully understood before the project begins, then how can one even begin proper validation testing).
    What’s most concerning is the direction of Project and Program Management as a profession. In my most recent experiences, Project Management has been diluted to babysitting, and Program Management has transitioned to becoming an Executive slideshow presentation professional. Left unchanged, at the end, organizational lifespans could decrease, and value could sharply decline.
    I will pause here at so that I don’t begin to sound like a grumpy old man.

    Thanks again for your insightful post!!!

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