“The best presentation on Change Management I have ever heard! (PM for 20 years.)”
— D. Herrell, Hospital Corporation of America

“One of the most comprehensive yet concise presentations I’ve ever heard on the extremely challenging and often misunderstood topic of change management.”
— K. Brandenburg, AT&T

“Excellent! This was an entertaining, educational talk. I learned some things and reinforced others with a smile and laughter.”
— P. Bridges, Booz Allen Hamilton

“This was great, and everything that was said we can take back and use at our workplace.”
— C. Drabek, Citigroup

Do you have the fundamental change management knowledge to assure project success? Change management for organizational (stakeholder and customer acceptance) change is a responsibility of the project manager. But, it is a role that is typically under-appreciated… underutilized…and frankly not even recognized by many project managers. Change management is complex. There is no cookbook recipe you can find and then simply apply to your situation. Change management is necessary for success. Just like a battery stores up energy, you need to store up knowledge of change management and then apply when needed. This keynote presentation will help you do just that.


  • Change management requires a plan, and fancy change models are not required for success
  • Without adequate change management, a project can fail even if the deliverable meets and/or exceeds all project objectives
  • Change management must also address the journey to the deliverable