Project Management Presentation Skills

“In most seminars, I’ve gained one or two ideas. After the Presentation Skills Seminar, I have tons of ideas and information to implement them.”
— C. Delby, Sammons Financial Group

“It was great! I thought I was a good presenter, but I have a list of ways to improve. Thanks, Dr. Brown!”
—C. Peary, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

“This course would be valuable for both a ‘newbie’ speaker and a seasoned professional. Dr. Brown provided so many easy-to-implement techniques that I can put into practice right away.”
— D. Edwards, Advanced Solutions International

Effective communication is critical to project managemen success. A critical aspect of communication is your ability to make presentations. Your presentation skill reflect on you, the project, the team and the organization. Like any craft, presentation skills can be learned, and there are tactics and tricks to becoming an effective presenter. In this course, you will discover everything necessary to create and deliver successful presentations. Even if you don’t like giving presentations, you will master the secrets to comfortably and confidently deliver presentations that communicate what is necessary and bolster your credibility with the audience.

After completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Outline an informative presentation
  • Outline a persuasive presentation
  • Create an effective elevator speech for their project
  • Conduct presentations across teleconferences and webinars
  • Tailor a presentation for the decision makers/audience
  • Identify the ten things needed to analyze the audience
  • Balance stories, illustrations, examples, PowerPoint and content
  • Handle questions, disruptions and conflicts effectively
  • Simplify technical jargon to increase audience understanding and acceptance
  • Avoid common presentation mistakes
  • Make the audience remember the main points of the presentation
  • Augment a presentation with a compatible white paper
  • Learn how to prepare effectively to ensure professional and confident delivery

This course can be customized to your time schedule and is created for project managers, project team members and project stakeholders.