Keynote Speeches

Leadership Keynotes

Kill What’s Ugly While It’s Young©

  • Success requires relentless commitment to individual and organizational improvement.
  • Building strong relationships, creating accountability and fostering supportive communication are all required.

Team Building Kindergarten Skills You Can Use

  • Great leaders help their team practice kindergarten skills
  • A positive attitude and success are correlated
  • Teamwork is more important than talent

Managing Your Career: What Your Boss Won’t Tell You

  • Professional image must be created, and it is multidimensional
  • Providing value is required but only appreciated in the context of the big picture
  • Competence and relationship building are equally important

Project Management Keynotes

Risk Management: Texas Hold ‘em Tactics for the Project Manager

  • Critical thinking is required with respect to risks
  • Human behavior is a factor in risk assessment
  • Communication of risks is tactical and strategic

Change Management: The Undercover Role of the Project Manager

  • Change management requires a plan, and fancy change models are not required for success
  • Without adequate change management, a project can fail even if the deliverable meets and/or exceeds all project objectives
  • Change management must also address the journey to the deliverable

The Art of Stakeholder Management

  • Relationship building is critical and starts before there is a problem or issue
  • Identify and manage the various types of problem stakeholders
  • Understand and create ideal stakeholder behavior

Stakeholder Management: What Dog Ownership Can Teach You

  • Clearing understanding your role and responsibilities with stakeholders is critical
  • Training your stakeholder includes expectation management and consistency
  • Your stakeholder requires protection

Three Overlooked Attributes of a Successful PMO

  • Processes should facilitate the accomplishment of work, not hinder, and striking this balance requires the aggressive deployment/defense of common sense
  • Tools are not substitutes for thinking
  • The focus is all about project delivery success, not the office

The Resource Leveled Project Schedule

  • The critical path is academic in most shared resource work environment scenarios
  • You probably don’t know the real critical path and even if you do it is probably different next week.
  • In a shared resource environment, you should focus on the critical resources instead of the critical path.