Training Workshops

Leadership Skills for Project Managers

Discover the leadership skills to successfully navigate all the challenges in a demanding project environment.

Project Risk Management Strategies and Tactics

Identify project risks and manage those risks throughout the project life cycle with a specific emphasis on having a proactive mindset with response to risk for effective project management.

Project Management Solutions

Get a comprehensive knowledge base of practical, “hands on”, project management skills that can be immediately applied in the work environment.

Conflict Management for Project Managers

Organizational success is rooted in successful relationships at all levels. Conflict is a natural part of any work environment and must be addressed in a positive effective manner. This course focuses on conflict management and negotiations through prevention and resolution.

Project Management Presentation Skills

Effective communication is critical to project management success. A critical aspect of communication is your ability to make presentations because they reflect on you, the project, the team and the organization. Participants uncover the skills needed for effective project management presentations.

Facilitation Skills for Project Managers

Facilitation is a core competency that is frequently taken for granted. Ever increasing technological and organizational complexity requires project managers to be more adept at bringing divergent groups together to produce high-quality decisions and plans.

Value Based Decision Making Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Many professionals and project managers exist in an environment where “everything” is considered top priority. Can that really be true? Can everything really be top priority? This course provides the answers.

Career Management Strategies and Tactics

This course covers all the aspects of career management beyond just working hard and is for those who want to achieve career success by advancing to higher levels of responsibility in the organization by demonstrating excellence and assuring their contributions are recognized.