“Great Program! Very insightful into the challenges of project management even for mature organizations.”
— G. Penton, SAP

“Different perspectives; fresh nuggets of perspectives that give you ideas for taking the PMO to the next level.”
— J. Marotta, BankUnited

“Refreshing. After 20 years of project management, it’s great to hear someone say it like it is!”
— C. Veihmeyer, Wellpoint

“It was great! Great food for thought and ideas for immediate implementation.”
— J. Grant, Tyler Technologies

To support the successful implementation of project management, many organizations have created Project Management Offices…the PMO as the answer to successful project execution. Unfortunately, a number of PMOs fail to help the organization deliver on successful project execution for a variety of reasons. This has resulted in the elimination of some PMOs totally or PMOs that exist in title only (powerless entities).

Make sure you’re not overlooking the attributes of a successful PMO:

  • A project management methodology that is flexible and uses a Darwinian approach.
  • A tool set philosophy that supports instead of supplanting project managers.
  • The O for Office can be optional.


  • Processes should facilitate the accomplishment of work, not hinder, and striking this balance requires the aggressive deployment/defense of common sense
  • Tools are not substitutes for thinking
  • The focus is all about project delivery success, not the office