“Mr. Brown presented information on stakeholder management that I had never heard or read about. This will help me manage projects immensely.”
— E. Slifker, Credit Suisse

“If I knew this concept as I know it now, I would be much further along for successful project management.”
— E. Adolphe, Shell Oil

“Was engaging! Riddled with practical application, data and humor. Just what the doctor ordered on what ails a project manager.”
— N. Davis, Heartland Payment Systems

Great project managers know that success goes beyond the triple constraint deliverables and includes managing stakeholder expectations. Three aspects of managing stakeholder expectations are:

  • Know your stakeholders
  • Know what you are supposed to deliver from the perspective of the stakeholder
  • Hold your stakeholders accountable to the realities of the project (regardless of the position of the stakeholder, the attitude of the stakeholder, or the availability of the stakeholder)

This session provides the tactics you need to identify, herd and lead stakeholders to ensure a successful project deliverable with minimum project manager stress level.


  • Relationship building is critical and starts before there is a problem or issue
  • Identify and manage the various types of problem stakeholders
  • Understand and create ideal stakeholder behavior