“Dr. Brown brings a refreshing and honest approach to common challenges in managing relationships and yourself in the workplace. His sense of humor adds a unique perspective, making the knowledge incredibly memorable.”
— M. Beek, Sodexo Canada

“Great and inspiring speech. Great takeaways.”
— H. Andrews, Amerigroup

“Excellent Program! An eye opener to both by professional and personal self. Highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone struggling in their career growth. This program was true to its name.”
— E. Young, Tesoro M ines

“Engaging, thought provoking and humorous. Dr. Brown spoke volumes in a short presentation. A+++.”
— C. Schultz, Aetna

“Awesome! Great speaker and great and useful information.”
— S. Huether, Danvik Marketing

Hard work is always rewarded, but you have the responsibility to assure it is properly rewarded in a timely manner. Many go a great job but cheat themselves out of the reward because they mistakenly think that a great job speaks for itself. This presentation provides all the tips to ensure a great job is recognized and the organization recognizes your value and potential for what it truly is.


  • Professional image must be created, and it is multi- dimensional
  • Providing value is required but only appreciated in the context of the big picture
  • Competence and relationship building are equally important